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Sunday, September 30, 2012

Unstoppable Smile


Hello. Hai readers kacak dan cantik !

This entry was specially made to share the experience, its all about great moment, great environment, and sure, great people. Let the time, date, and the person be my secret.

Enjoy the pictures, and happy scrolling the unwanted caption and bubbling.


CH is one of my dream vacay’s places. I prefer kind of this place to have a holiday rather than theme park, Water Park or equivalent cz' as for me, the cool and calm environment is the best therapy ever. CH have no jammed, no monoxide gas, no noisy sound, no rubbish view, such a great place you know, especially during weekdays and not public holiday. Just like CH was mine ! HAHA

So, let the great breakfast greets our tour. Happy tummy ensure the happy mind and positive mood :-D

For the tours, I can give 4.8/5 as the tour just awesome tour that I ever had. Even though some places were like so-so, but I do enjoy the tour. My tour group brings to visit Rose Centre, Strawberry Farm, Butterflies Farm, Bee Farm, Sungai Palas Tea Garden and Tea Centre and finally Sam Poh Temple.

Rose Centre was quite superb place to visit. But this place needs a very tough stamina I guess. We need to climb the stairs to reach the top of this centre. Tiring enough, but the view on the top will replace all of your sweats I swear. HEHE.

Next stop was Strawberry Farm. I was like quite disappointed with this checkpoint. When talking about Strawberry Farm, I do imagine picking and eating the strawberry like the farm was mine. HAHA. But I do regret when the farm just was like *sigh* -.-‘

The one and only picture that i can share. Sad muchio ? Uwaaa.
Where was the crazy moment of  picking and eating the strawberry ? Don't have ? Lame !

For your info, there was varies places when talking about Strawberry Farm, Tea Farm, and others Farm. The choices were there. Which farm you’d like to visit, but as you were in a group of a planned tours, the choices was in tourist guide hand. Not yours. Yeahh. Hell rules as we got racist tourist guide !

Sam Poh Temple, Butterflies and Bee Farm were not bad. But im not interested to have the story. Sorry 

Sungai Palas Tea Garden and Tea Centre, the great place of the tour ! Please imagine the superb view of tea garden, with a cup of hot fresh tea, fresh tuna sandwiches, original yummy scones, masyaAllah. Relaxing moment with the great environment to feel with. 

Last but not least, Casa dela Rosa was the great choices made to stay in. Great services, package and staff completed our vacays. Thanks !

Steamboat dinner

View from Sam Poh Temple
Butterflies Farm

Butterflies Farm

Bee Farm
Great choices made. Thanks to you, i'm pretty sure if i cant afford to pay back this happiness, Allah will. And i am keep on praying for your best, and bless. Ameen.

( luvpinkja, 0312 )

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