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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Jungle Trekking


Hello handsome and beautiful ! !

Sorry lah, 'GEMS fever' haven't recover yet.

So, lets talk about the veryyyy last activity before we all end GEMS programe.

It was, Jungle Trekking mannn. jyeahhh !

This jungle trekking quite different from others that i had joined before.
This is due to its trek and guiders.
Our trip guiders just wearing selipar jepun okayy !
It just not only jungle, but also the beach-trekking and rock-climbing-without-rope.
You know, the slippery rock, batu tajam2, no glove, no ropes, no other safety equipment,
We need to cross that rocky, shaky and craggy trek.
So ?
It was soooo challenging and dangerous for us
who NEVER expected kind of this mysterious & surprise trek.

For me, okay lah. But for others that just wear improper-shoes ?
Pity for them !
Sorry, i have no picture for that situation. 
All the camera and handphone were sealed and packed in my-not-so-waterproof-bag
So, all this image were captured just before the scary trek begin.
Sponsored by 100 plus and Milo 
Naturally happy face

Company 7 ? Diamond actually

'bermohon sembah' lah sangat

Where am i ?
kegirangan selepas turun dari sandy trek

one of the scary trek for me

yeah. start from here. please do not look downside or you will regret it.
Guys ! Forget about the trek, Lets watch sinetron !

Orange shirts : wow. Rosyam Nor !
Blue shirt : aa..haaa :-DD

Orange shirt : do accept my love please ? me ! me ! me ! (Phuihhh~)
Blue shirt : ha-ha-ha

blue shirt : i want all three of u !
Orange shirt(with bag) : oh nooo ! no 'honey' please ?
orange shirt (white arm) : ouchhh ! :-D
-End of sinetron session-

Part of Diamond family. Happy family. Snow and Sunny
All praises to Allah, we all safely arrived the end of the trek.
( luvpinkja, 0312 )


perindu_خلافة said...

again n again..
there is no picture of me,

k bye, haha ^_^

luvpinkja said...

wahai perindu Khalaqah : naaa. your picture was there okay ! u want more ? but how about none of my picture at your site ? a-haaa

Ika Nuratikah said...

stylo lahh diamond!!

perindu_خلافة said...

err nana..| perindu khilafah oK,

yup, I'm admit it.. I'll try my best to post our Diamond's story at my site, but indeed; its really hard and need more time to be prepared

hahaha, alasan kn~

✿MisS NadRAH♥ said...

hye nana=)
salam kenal from sapphirean...
visit me too..(^_^)

perindu_خلافة said...

nana sebagai balasan gambar, aku siap buat video untuk family diomand.. jangan kata xde gambar ko pulak naa,
haha ^_^

dayu_myself said...

i love diamond...rindu2...^___^

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