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Saturday, February 2, 2013

Walking Down The Memory Lane


Last 30th January 2013, all GEMS SMM07C participants, 
together with SMT and Hotel Seri Malaysia Mersing, 
having a Corporate Dinner and Special Project 
at Politeknik Mersing,

Eh. i am neither writing a project's report,
 nor news for Daily Mercy (our newsletter).
So, how about we let the pictures tell you everything.
With the guide of random caption that i would like to babbling with.

Enjoy ya :-DD

First of all, i am the master of the ceremony, 
collaborated with Mr. Shahdan

I kenal Shahdan ni pagi before event kot, that time baru 1st time bercakap 
and malam tu jadi partner untuk emcee. 
He was good and always positive.
Thanks Shahdan :-)

 ** journey of become an emcee for this event:
committee ask me to go for audition (as our company representative)
(both formal and informal session)
2 days before event
selected as emcee (formal session)
Speecless. kbai

Actually me was so nervous at first, till the event.
I have no experience as an emcee. nevahhh mann !!
But, i do grab this priceless opportunity.
With guide from Syita (protocol's comittee) and colleagues's advices and comments,
Alhamdulillah, it went smoothly.
Syukur :-DD
Azrina and Shahdan, master of ceremony :)

5 bachelors and one father  performing acoustic for opening performance
me with Emy. sangat tinggi at that night ! takboleh terima ketinggian beliau. so, better snap picca while sitting.
me and ika. Partner shopping our dinner's attire

Me and Fatin. Si kecil yg comels dan manja. Juga rebutan dan sebutan all the CEO of Mercy City

me and tikah. si manja-manja, ex-roomate anis dan ex-umt colleagues
me, tikah and akma (jiran bilik yg happening)
table-mate for that night
kakcik : left one. Diamond of Diamond. 
Bored with the pics ?
Let me share you this.
Our company be the top 3 for Mercy City's Talent Show and Special Project,
which be held few days before Dinner
(we never expected to be top 3 honestly. We are only practising for 1 hour before competition. fuu~)
So as the top 3, we need to perform on that night, eh, actually not only perform,
but we are actually compete for the top 3 place ! 
Guess what guys ? 
We are the CHAMPION for the Talent Show and Special Project
I am very proud to have the great team members * tears :') *

And this is the picture during our performance.
I bet you are questioning what we are doing right ?
We are dancing actually.
Diamondiands with dancing and singing was like chicken chop and coslow
impossible to be separated.
It was our real talent, even not really talented,
but we are defined talent as:-
Having fun and enjoy doing something with stress free.


let me introduce you Diamond's hero !

Nasuha (CSR Project Manager), Haqi (Megatrend Project Manager), Ezani (COO Project), Halim (ER Manager), Rizqan (Spiritual Uplift Manager) and Akmal (our CEO)

This is our family. yeah i really mean it. Family.

I love all of them and wish GEMS participants success in their future, ameen :') 

oh forget to tell you this.
Our company theme for the event is Pastel PINK-BLACK
I am happy with that, no doubt.

Thats all. 

Thank you for visiting my site (site-wa)

( luvpinkja, 0312 )



perindu_خلافة said...

well documented..
nice to visit those entry after 10 years of time ^_^

"D'Diamond is the best"

Ika Nuratikah said...

Nice!! Ini bdk topaz dtg melawat!! =))

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